About this Web Site

This is the first release of this website. HW made around 400 works and about 650 casts in total. He also made many drawings, wrote aphorisms and papers, gave many lectures and had a lot written about him. Hopefully over time this web site will begin to fully reflect the life and work of a very significant artist.

Many thanks to my wife Gail Altschuler and daughters Rachel and Sarah for their support. Thanks also to my brother Michael Wald and sister Pamela Weissmann for their encouragement and assistance. I owe a massive debt of gratitude is to my mother Vera Wald who was absolutely dedicated to promoting my father's memory. Without her record keeping, memory and determination this project would not have begun.

Until detailed information is placed elsewhere on this subject it is important to note here the amazing effort and achievement of Michael Wald in restoring the two works Stampede and Memorial to the Six Million after they had been vandalized. It is self evident to say that this current project would have been much less relevant in addition to South Africa being a lot poorer had these two very significant works been lost.

Attempting to show photos of artworks well has turned out to be a surprisingly significant challenge. The current early version of the custom written multi-dimensional selection system featured in the Catalogue page will hopefully evolve to being able to demonstrate fully the depth and breadth of HW's work. Comments particularly in this respect are therefore very welcome.

Future versions will contain more details and better images of the works. If you own a work and think that the information and images shown can be improved upon please get in touch.

Louis Wald

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