Go Back Blog: Evite to the Man and his Soul Unveiling on Sept 24
Louis Wald

Herman Wald's

Man and his Soul

will be unveiled at Wits

on Monday 24th September

at 4pm

You are invited to attend the events listed in the "Art on West Campus - Celebrating Heritage" poster below.

In addition Louis Wald, the younger son of the artist, will be conducting a "walk about" starting at the Origins Centre at 2-30pm (location 7 on the map below). Join him to view a 10 minute documentary movie on the life of the artist and then to visit The Unknown Miner and Man and his Soul to hear the story of how the sculptures were produced.

Visit the recent exhibition website at: www.HermanWaldExhibition.com
Visit the Herman Wald website at: www.HermanWald.com
Visit the Herman Wald Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/HermanWaldSculptor